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Design with Quality Materials!

The foundation of any good design is using beautiful high quality supplies. At Xanadu Designs, we never use cheap or lower grade materials because I want your continued business, not just the one time buys. I have traveled all over Asia to bring you the best fabrics, gemstones and accessories choices. Since I know all of our manufacturing contractors and buyers personally, we can guarantee the best quality. See some examples of my favorite materials below.

Chinese Brocade Satin

When I was growing up in China, we would always watch these period films where the royal princesses floated around in their beautifully satin dresses. We didn't have a lot of money so my cousins and I would pretend that we had cloests full of fancy robes to pick from. Now, I love to work with this material because of all the vivid colors (normally 3-8 colors per design) and beautiful patterns. It also reminds me of my childhood and Chinese heritage.

This fabric has been produced in China since ancient times and use to be only avilalble to people of a certain class. It was priced by European traders and heavily exported via The Silk Road. Traditionally, Chinese Brocade Satin is made by interwoven silk into denser natural materials such as cotton. Now, due to advancements in the textile industry, the same silk threads are interwoven with manmade materials (polyester and rayon). Modern day brocade satin fabrics are stronger and have much better shape retention then their ancient counterparts. However, because the techniques remained similar it's still very shiny, smooth and relatively soft.

At Xanadu Designs, we only use high grade, tight woven Chinese Brocade Satin that we get wholesale, straight from the textile factory. Tight woven brocade satin is thicker than the cheaper grade and doesn't snag. The tight woven fabric costs almost twice as much as the lower grade stuff but they last years longer. Compare one of our bags to those you would find in China Town or tourist traps and you will really see the difference. We're not interested in a hit and run sale but want your continued patronage so quality is very important to us.



Swarovski Crystals

I love using Swarovski Crystals because they’re shiny and sparkly. What girl wouldn't love that!  Swarovski crystals are manufactured in Austria and are considered the highest quality crystals in the world.   What makes Swarovski Crystals so special is the high lead content crystal glass used during their manufacturing process. The lead increases the refractive index of the glass, which means it has more dimensions of light, likening it to a diamond.  In addition, the light reflects internally so the shiny surfaces sparkling off each other (especially when the crystal is at a tilt). Finally, there are literally hundreds of colors to choose from! Definitely one of my favorite materials to work with.










Natural Gemstones

Gemstones have been used to make jewelry since before recorded time.  Many cultures around the world believe gemstones can bring mystic powers and benefits to the wearer.  I believe a piece of jewelry that you love can be nourishing to the soul and it can endow you with confidence when you wear it.  I love gemstones of all shapes and colors because the design possibilities are literally endless.  One of my favorite things to do while I’m travelling is to pick out indigenous gemstones, some times off the ground!






Chinese Cloisonné Beads

Cloisonné, also known as cloisonné enamel, is the decorative art of applying colored enamel to a copper or bronze surface. The object is then fired to become a bright and colorful work of art. I love Cloisonné beads for jewelery maing purposes because it's the perfect blend of East and West.




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