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Inspirations Can Come from Anywhere!

It can be an interesting button in the fabric store, a favorite photograph that you took in the park or just an idea that evolves organically in your mind. I get a lot of my ideas and color combinations from everyday objects such as a brightly colored bowl of fruit or flowers I see along the Arizona highway. I'm always taking pictures with my iPhone camera because you'll never know when a great idea will just come to you. Checkout the examples below!





A Purse Full of Fruit (and An Onion)

I found this photograph while surfing the internet and I loved the rich colors so much that I designed a bag around it. Always keep your eyes and heart open because there are so many beautiful things in this world. Inspiration might just be a mouse click away!







Foral Inspiration

I love, love, love taking pictures of flowers, any type of flowers! The colors are so vivid and I always feel inspired when I look at the photos later. These lilies give me the base color for many of my jewelry and handbag designs. Plus, you can't go wrong with hot pink!




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